AHEAD Optoelectronics, Inc., established in 1995, is a holographic manufacturer based in Taipei Taiwan.  AHEAD began as a technology transfer between National Taiwan University, the premier university in Taiwan and Wah Lee Industrial Corp.  AHEAD is an acronym for Advanced Holographic Effects and Diffractive Optoelectronics.  AHEAD has close ties with many industrial corporations as well as research institutes in Taiwan through collaborative projects and joint developments, with special emphasis on holography, optics, optoelectronics, and optical technology.  AHEAD has as its corporate philosophy, “technology”, “innovation” and “systems integration” which together provide value to the various leading industries here in Taiwan and worldwide.  

AHEAD, has been a reputable and long-term member of the worldwide IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturer’s Association).  It has an excellent reputation in the industry and its customers are found all over the world.  AHEAD’s holographic applications include security stickers/labels for brand protection and warranties, ID cards, telephone cards, bus tickets, security documents, insurance certificates, diplomas, lottery tickets, entrance passes, alcohol and cigarette tax stamps, etc.  AHEAD has worked on many government tenders and national projects around the world for the last 15 years.     

     AHEAD has 20 years of experience selling security holographic products around the world.  Not only can AHEAD supply holographic security foils/films and stickers/labels, it can also provide holographic equipment and systems.  Since AHEAD has its own holographic production line, AHEAD can also offer technical expertise and solutions based on customer requirements.  We can incorporate other technologies with our holographic technology such as printing, special inks, RFID, etc.  AHEAD can also offer holographic patterns incorporated into different substrates such as polycarbonate, metal, acrylic, wood, glass, etc. for decorative applications in the consumer or electronics field. 

      AHEAD looks forward to hearing from you!