AHEAD Optoelectronics, INC. was established in 1995, mainly with holograms and LED signs; after joining the Everready Precision Ind. Corp. in 2015, focused on the development of diffractive optical element, matching the advantages of the parent company's optical mold, extend the integration of WLO and 3D sensing solutions. Expansion to HUAYA Technology Park in 2019, establishment of WLO & Active Alignment assembly line, the whole factory passed ISO certification to provide design, development, manufacturing…and vertical integration services.

      AHEAD is a manufacturer of optical integration solutions and components. It leads the technology and maintains its leading position. It has obtained more than 200 patents worldwide and is widely used in various industrial products.

      AHEAD takes "optics" as the basic technology and derives advanced technologies of holographic and diffractive optics for the system integration of optics, mechanism, electronics and application software. The products are mainly wafer-level lenses, 3D sensing elements and modules, together with holographic related products and agents Micro Resist Technology photoresist; the products are used in mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, TVs, network cameras, Automotive, security, medical equipment and Internet of Things etc.

      The company's business philosophy is to focus on the optoelectronic industry through "Technology", "Innovation" and "System Integration" to provide "Value"; improve product accuracy and stability, and cooperate with the world's major manufacturers to provide design development and manufacturing , one shop delivery ability.

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